UMBC strongly encourages its academically engaged and globally curious juniors, seniors, recent alumni and current graduate students to consider a Fulbright award as part of their overall academic plan. Eligibility requirements, as established by the Fulbright U.S. Student Program and the U.S. Department of State, are as follows:

Be a U.S. citizen. Applicants must be U.S. citizens at the time of application. U.S. permanent residents may start the application, but they must become naturalized U.S. citizens by the time they submit their application.

Hold a bachelor’s degree before the start of the grant. Successful Fulbright recipients must have earned their bachelor’s degree by the time they leave the United States to start their grant. Applicants may not have a Ph. D. by the time they start their award. UMBC applicants typically complete their application during the summer and fall of their senior year. Current seniors, current graduate students and recent alumni are also encouraged to apply. UMBC works with alumni up to three years after they complete their degree.

Demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the host country language to complete their project. Depending on the requirements of the host country and your Fulbright project, you may need intermediate or advanced-level proficiency in your host country’s language. Please feel free to ask Dr. Souders if you have questions.

Be excited to serve as a citizen diplomat. Teaching, studying or completing research is part of your job as a Fulbright recipient. An equally important part is your willingness to represent the diversity of the American experience in your host country – sharing our culture and our points of view in an International setting. This drive should be just as central to your application as your interest in your academic work.